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Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Artist & Audio Production as well as Vocal Coaching and Writing Techniques



Audio Recording

There is no project too big for us to manage! We have the means to record any voice, male, female, or child as well as instruments such as the Cello, Guitar, or Trumpet. No matter what, we will make sure the sound is captured at the highest quality. We are equipped with a Sound Booth, Condensor Microphone, and a 12-track Mixing Console


Do your vocals or sound tracks need editing, effects or filters? No worries! We can alter pitch, tempo, phrasing, and the length of your sound. We can clean up your audio file by silencing background noise during spaces, breaking large files into composites, adding effects such as Reverb, Delay, or Chorus, and much more!


Whether it’s a 3-track project or a 30-track project, we can mix the entire project down, making each sound clear, crisp, and defined. We know how critical this step is before sending your projects for mastering. We will work with you to get your sounds at the highest quality and taste for its genre. The frequency content, panoramic position, dynamics, signal level can make the difference! We make sure the most important elements of your project are emphasized. Equalization is applied to remove interference and to allow clarity of each sound in your mix. Just the right amount of compression is applied to control the dynamic range of your sounds.


This is the last step before sending your projects for duplication, replication, or broadcast. This is where all of your tracks are arranged with precise transition, EQ, ambience, and volume. The sound in your music is maximized, making sure there is no distortion or over-compression and then rendered to a professional CD-R. We also provide a report of exact start and end times as well as artist and track information. We have many settings for you or your audience’s taste.  Inquire about our discounts for multiple services.

Artist & Audio Production

We turn talent into a marketable product. Whether you’re a Singer, Rapper, or Musician, we work closely with you to develop your talent and skills so that you can attain an image and style that speaks volumes to your audience! No project is the same. You may have ideas but lack the resources to put them together. We can provide oversight of the creation of your music. We can help you select songs or musicians. We can even coach and mentor you,  your artists, or your musicians in the studio while recording. No matter how big or small your project, we will ensure its marketability!

Vocal Coaching

Do you want to sound like a major recording artist? We give you the attention and guidance you need to develop your raw talent. It’s all about improvement and changing with the times. We help singers in R&B, Pop, Rock and Pop Alternative genres. We also work with Rappers. It takes hard work and dedication to develop any talent. Having someone to guide you, counsel you, and mold you into the type of artist you envision yourself as, makes the difference between being a struggling artist and a professional.

Writing Techniques

Ever heard great lyrics in a song and wondered how they came up with that? A lyric is poetry and all poets have a poetic license. There are techniques to writing verses and making them rhyme. You may not know that not all verses must rhyme. There are methods to this process and to other components, such as, word counts and syncopating to the music. We can teach you how to articulate your feelings, thoughts, and anything on your mind and translate them into poetry. Expressing yourself is one thing. Making it sound poetic is another. Writing lyrics is not as simple as A-B-C’s. Yet it’s not rocket science, even though there is a science to it. We will show you the ropes and the real you will become the music.

Raquel Fé Records is a home-based studio with a dedicated room containing an isolated Sound Booth for crisp, clear, and undistorted recordings. We understand the importance of detailed audial analysis, quality, and having a good ear when it comes to audio projects. When it comes to preparing for a finished product, what matters most is how it sounds and feels to the listener. That’s why we encourage you to sit with us in our recording facility to oversee the overall feel and sound of your project during each phase. What is important to you is top of mind in everything we do.

Our studio is conveniently located in Saddle Brook, New Jersey and is accessible by public transportation near Rte 80, Garden State Parkway, Rte 4, and Rte 17. To learn more, please call us at 888-758-7981 or email us at